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The Mango Opera
First Book in the Alex Rutledge series.

Key West-based mystery, starring Alex Rutledge

"Tom Corcoran served me my first beer in Key West at the Chart Room Bar over twenty-five years ago. Now he has put his “time on the water” to great use and has produced a book that reconnects my heart and brain to the Key West that I knew as an unknown bar singer. Was it a kinder and gentler place? Hell, no, and that was the best thing about it. The Mango Opera is about as accurate a description of those days as there is around today."
- Jimmy Buffett

"The Mango Opera is a powerful debut novel full of juicy characters, crackling dialog and thrill-a-minute action. Not since McGuane’s 92 in the Shade has Key West been rendered so vividly and with such spare poetry. Tom Corcoran is the real thing – a novelist with a mature voice, a powerful vision and a great ear for the rhythms of human speech. This is a smart, exciting novel, one not to be missed. "
– James W. Hall

"Tom Corcoran means business. This new thriller isn’t a laugh-a-minute lightweight to grin at while awaiting your next—but surely not last—rum runner. You won’t think of Key West as quite so laid-back again."
- The Miami Herald

"The genius of imagination and the genius of realism don’t often take up housekeeping in one writer’s skull. But Tom Corcoran has combined a viciously creative plot with a perfect description of Key West as it really is, and the result is good to the bone. "
– P.J. O’Rourke

"The Mango Opera is a very engrossing novel. It drew strongly on me and I was totally submerged in it. As an old Key West hand I wondered about the underbelly of a city that used to be all underbelly, and Corcoran deftly evokes the spirit and physicality of the place, the low tide jubilance and enlivening fetor of its pleasures and instinctive criminality, as if the sun and ocean had blasted all the flowers of evil into its very genes. "
– Jim Harrison

"Tom Corcoran knows the foul reaches of Key West and so do I. This is an evil book about an evil place. Don’t read this book if you have a tendency to wonder where your daughter is on long rainy nights."
– Hunter S. Thompson

"Alex Rutledge should be investigating Key West for years."
- Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

"The Mango Opera leapfrogs over many first-time novels to put Corcoran solidly in the company of the likes of Laurence Shames and Robert Crais. Readers will shout a resounding ‘Bravo!’ at the end of The Mango Opera. Tom Corcoran is off to a very fast start on what is sure to be a long career as a fine mystery novelist."
- BookPage

"The Mango Opera, with its tropical setting, fruity characters, and hard-boiled dialogue, is a delicious treat."
- The St. Petersburg Times

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