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Air Dance Iguana
Book Five in the Alex Rutledge series.

Summary: Two men, twenty miles apart, are killed in the same strange way on a quiet summer morning in the Florida Keys. Forensic photographer Alex Rutledge finds that he may be the only person interested in pursuing justice, especially when his brother becomes a key suspect.Alex connects the current-day murders to a thirty-year-old scam amidst revenge smoldering since the Nixon years. He races time to thwart a final killing and, if possible, to prove his brother's innocence.Tom Corcoran once again delivers a deftly plotted and gripping mystery with all of the flavor and intrigue that Key West can offer.

Click here for an excerpt of "Air Dance Iguana"

Praise for Air Dance Iguana:
"Air Dance Iguana was the reading highlight of the year for me. With characters as strong and intriguing as the story they move through, I went cover to cover without coming up for air. Tom Corcoran and his creation, Alex Rutledge, are great new discoveries that will go on the regular reading list."
-Michael Connelly, author of The Closers and The Lincoln Lawyer

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